Radiation protection

The DigitalRendgen 3D Center uses the devices and equipment of the prestigious Finnish brand Kavo & Soredek, which has set high technological standards in the production of its image processing equipment and protocols, as well as in protecting patients and workers from radiation.

All devices are brand new and have valid permissions from the Republic Agency for Ionizing Radiation Protection and are regularly maintained. Their application significantly reduces the duration of imaging, X-ray scattering is minimized, the radiation field is reduced, and all this minimizes the patient's overall radiation exposure.

The recording room is in a special way isolated from the rest of our RTG center, walls reinforced with barium sulphate sheets, as well as special doors containing lead films of appropriate thickness, all in accordance with the strict regulations of the reference institution for protection against ionizing radiation.

Adequate additional patient protection is used for self-imaging, in the form of a protective apron and thyroid, a protective equivalent of 0.35 mm lead.

The devices are operated by fully trained persons who have received additional training in the use of the apparatus.

When shooting children, specially adapted imaging programs are used - shortened exposure time as well as an additional reduced radiation dose.

Protecting the patient is paramount to us and that is why we pay the utmost attention to it!


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