1. Are recordings scheduled?
    Recording is not scheduled. The recording process itself takes 3-10 min. The subsequent process of processing and printing the recording takes a few extra minutes.
  2. How is she preparing for the shoot?
    No special preparation for recording is required. Before shooting, all metal objects (jewelry, dentures) must be removed from the region being filmed, which our friendly staff will direct you to.
  3. What happens if a patient loses a shot?
    All recordings remain stored in our database, and the patient is able to obtain the recording without retaking it.
  4. What are the ways of sending the images to the dentist?
    You can get the recordings made on film, CD, we can send to the dentist via e-mail, and the brand new and modern method we use is Digital Rendgen 3D Dental Cloud`from which dentists can download the shots at the best quality.
  5. What is the radiation dose during tooth extraction?
    Thanks to modern appliances, radiation doses are minimized. If we compare them with the daily amount of radiation that the average person receives from their environment (FON radiation), we find that a single orthopane recording is equivalent to that radiation, while the radiation when making individual shots is much less than that.

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